How do men eat if they want to gain muscle?

To become a man with muscles, it takes time to work out and eat. For people who want to gain muscle, if they just want to achieve their goals by way of exercise, then it usually takes a long time, and many people have trouble sticking to it. In fact, it is not difficult to gain muscle, as long as people choose the right way, and the best way to gain muscle is to exercise with diet.

How should men eat if they want to gain muscle?

1, beef

For people who want to gain muscle, they must consume the right amount of saturated fat, so as to accelerate the growth of muscle. But to pay extra attention is that the fat here is saturated fat, not unsaturated fat, and the general content of unsaturated fat in fatty meat is higher, so people who gain muscle need to eat more lean meat. And among the many meats, lean beef contains the most amount of saturated fat, so people who gain muscle need to eat more lean beef. In addition, the content of iron and zinc in lean beef is also high, and these two elements are also essential for muscle building substances.

2, eggs

Eggs are a must-have food for everyone who wants to gain muscle, because the high-quality protein in eggs is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the body. Eggs will be easily broken down into amino acids after entering the body, and amino acids are the main raw material for muscle growth, so people who gain muscle need to eat more. In addition, eggs are rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and minerals, and these elements have a certain protective effect on the human body.


In addition to high-quality protein, fish also contains a special fatty acid, and this fatty acid can not only make people become slim, but also can effectively control the rate of muscle loss in the human body, so for people who want to gain muscle through exercise, you need to increase the intake of fish. As there are many sources of fish, and for those who want to gain muscle, it is best to choose deep-sea fish to eat.

4, milk

For people who want to gain muscle, it is best to insist on drinking a glass of milk every day. However, in the choice of milk to pay attention to, do not drink skim or reduced fat milk, because the fat in milk is mostly easily digested fat, it can effectively promote muscle synthesis and reduce the rate of muscle breakdown, so muscle gainers need to choose whole milk to drink.

Do more of these exercises to build muscle

In addition to the above diet can increase muscle, you can also do some exercise to exercise muscle, the following is a few specific for you to exercise muscle at home small moves, I hope it will help you!


Lie flat on the ground or on a blanket, the size of the legs to bend into 90 degrees, the waist to be solid with the ground, do not lend a hand.

Effect: It can exercise the muscles of the lower back.

Dumbbell exercise

Weight 1 ~ 3 pounds or 1 ~ 15 kg, you can choose the weight according to their actual situation, to be able to force. Raise both hands 15 times each time, with 30 seconds to 1 minute interval. In a seated position (or standing), hold the dumbbells with both hands at the side of the body, palms facing each other, with both elbows resting on the sides of the body. Take the elbow joint as the fulcrum, bend upward, while the forearm is externally rotated palm facing upward, lift to the highest point to tighten the biceps, pause, and then control the restoration. Rotate to do.

Effect: You can exercise the arms and neck and shoulder muscles.


General people may not do well at the beginning, you can first in bed or a soft place to carry out, but the time should not be too long, hypertension patients do not carry out this type of exercise.

Effect: It can exercise the arm and shoulder muscles.

High five push-ups

Palm push-ups is a combination of push-ups and vacant high-fives movement, which can quickly and effectively stimulate the muscle fibers of your chest, to help train strength and shape the muscles, which is particularly suitable for those who do push-ups to do not feel strong people, because the powerful is very large, fast to do high-fives push-ups is also more difficult.

Glide push-ups

If you are in the gym, you may practice dumbbell flying bird, pulley flying bird, tensioner flying bird. So what can we have at home instead?

First of all, we can prepare two towels or bath towels, home is a hard wooden board, you can directly lie down on the ground into a push-up position, and then slide your hands to the sides and then close. The whole process requires a lot of arm strength. If you feel simple, you can also put your legs on the chair to try.