How many meals a day is appropriate for people who lose weight? What do you eat in the morning to lose the most weight?

Weight loss is a clichéd topic. In today’s world, thin is beautiful, but with the change in lifestyle, there are more and more people suffering from obesity. For weight loss, the two most important aspects are food and exercise, and many people who lose weight have confusion about how to eat during weight loss. Today, we have invited Xie Changcai, chief physician of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to answer our questions.

How many meals a day is appropriate for people who are losing weight?

Three meals a day are necessary when losing weight, which is also a traditional Chinese custom. The nutritional intake of breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day is different, and the proportional distribution is also different. From the perspective of energy distribution, breakfast is 3, Chinese food is 4, and dinner also boils down to 3, that is, the energy distribution of 3, 4, 3. From the perspective of nutrition distribution, breakfast supplements protein, Chinese food supplements fat, and dinner needs to be supplemented with vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is necessary to have three meals a day when losing weight.

What is the best way to lose weight in the morning? What is the best dinner for people who are losing weight?

The most important thing for people who are losing weight is to control their diet. In breakfast, it is recommended to focus on protein, such as eggs, milk, etc.; Chinese food needs to be supplemented with fat, such as chicken, fish, etc.; dinner needs to be light and easy to digest food. The total amount of three meals should be reasonable when losing weight in order to control the energy intake. From a metabolic point of view, energy metabolism and the intake of calories to form a difference in order to lose weight, so three meals a day to supplement adequate nutrition, but also to control the amount of intake.

Can I lose weight by eating only vegetables and not eating?

Weight loss can be achieved by eating only vegetables without meals. Clinically, many patients can lose weight by not eating staple foods, but the premise is to break down the staple foods. As the carbohydrate content of refined rice and refined noodles staple foods is particularly high, it is recommended to eat less; another category of staple foods such as corn, taro, potatoes, groundnuts, sweet potatoes, etc., have a relatively low carbohydrate content compared to refined rice and refined noodles, and can be eaten appropriately during the weight loss process.

Just rely on simple dieting, not only can not achieve the effect of weight loss, but also may lead to malnutrition, tiredness and weakness, which affects the normal life of patients. For the weight loss population, weight loss needs to be achieved by controlling the diet rather than simply reducing the number of meals. In the control of diet at the same time to pay attention to meet the body must be nutrition.