Men over the age of 40, are afraid of these symptoms

Nowadays, the rapid development of society, people’s pressure is also raised, more and more people’s bodies are in subhealth. Especially men under the dual pressure of work and family, the speed of aging is fast. Although men are not as concerned about aging as women, but aging and health have a close relationship, in order to health need to understand the signs of aging in men, take a look at it.

What are the signs of aging in men?

1, often lose three or four”

The most important manifestation of the body signs of aging is the decline of memory. If you feel that their memory began to decline significantly, often can not remember just some of the trivial things, always forget where to put things, which is likely to be the signs of physical aging, usually related to the habits of smoking and drinking in life.

2, often “blurry eyes”

Most men do not take care of themselves in daily life, life is more “rough”, the awareness of self-care is relatively poor compared to women. Age will cause the retina to thin, vision gradually degenerate, prone to vision problems. Plus men at work or playing games frequently use to computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, long exposure to electronic devices and do not pay attention to eye protection, will cause the human eye lens damage, the body gradually aging, blurred vision, photophobia, vision loss and a series of symptoms.

3, often unable to do anything

Men to middle age, with the increase in age, the function of various organs of the body will gradually decline, if in this period of time feel that physical strength can not keep up, for example, before the work is easy to do is now very hard to do, no previous enthusiasm, there is a feeling of incompetence. Then, there is a high possibility that you are about to enter the aging state, this time you need to timely replenish the energy required by the body to avoid their own early entry into the aging stage.

4, often angry

There are some people who have a good temper in life, and then suddenly their temperament changes drastically, because of some small things, and the whole person presents a poor mental state. If this happens, then it is likely that when the body begins to age, hormones decline, the body becomes sensitive, easier to get angry, tantrums, and the spirit will become worse and worse.

5, hearing loss

Men will have a certain degree of atrophy of the ear canal after the age of forty, and the blood circulation of the nerves in the inner ear will decrease, which will cause hearing loss, or even loss of hearing, which is one of the common symptoms of aging in middle-aged and elderly men.

6,Thinning hair

Male hair volume also has a certain correlation with aging, as age increases, the hair follicles and hair growth will gradually decrease, hair thinning is a sign of male aging. Moreover, men in this age group are usually at the peak of their career, and the pressure from various aspects can easily cause the body secretion system to disrupt, leading to hair loss and thinning hair.

7, weak athletic ability

Male aging is also manifested in the lowering of athletic ability, will appear after the exercise of a long period of rapid heartbeat, which is the function of the heart itself has been reduced, the regulation ability to reduce the cause.