What are the signs of low back pain in men?

In daily life, many friends due to cold or strain or other reasons appear back pain, male friends appear back pain accounted for a certain proportion of the situation. The male friend back pain, to bring a lot of inconvenience in daily life, so what is the performance of male back pain, eat what is better, with these questions interested friends may wish to follow the editorial take a look at it.

The clinical performance of male low back pain

Male low back pain performance a cold damp type: there is a cold pain in the waist, soreness, swelling and heavy, turn side unfavorable, cloudy and rainy days intensify and other characteristics.

Male low back pain manifestation two damp heat type: with bitter mouth, hot, short urine, accompanied by burning sensation, more pain when the climate is hot and humid, and other symptoms.

Male low back pain manifestation three bruising type: pain has a fixed place, such as cone like thorns, pitch and tilt unfavorable, accompanied by hematuria, light day and night heavy.

Male low back pain manifestation four kidney deficiency type: then sore, soft and heavy pain, like rubbing like pressing, pain after labor, lying down is alleviated, pale, disturbed mouth dry, like warmth and fear of cold, the hands and feet are not warm, waist off and other reasons.

What is good for men with low back pain

Men with back pain should eat more fiber-rich food: according to the relevant dietary research found that in older men omnivorous population, close to 30% of people will suffer from osteoporosis, while the probability of osteoporosis in perennial vegetarians is only about 18%, and men who are more prone to osteoporosis often suffer from back pain, so such men should often eat some vegetarian food. And the long fiber in vegetarian food can also prevent the occurrence of colon cancer.

Men with back pain should eat more vitamin C rich food: generally more middle-aged men with back pain, this time to be able to supplement 80 mg of vitamin C per day followed by vitamin B6, B1, B12, vitamin D, folic acid and other fat-soluble vitamins to prevent deficiency. You can also eat some fruits to cure the back pain problem.

Men with low back pain should eat more food rich in inorganic salts: If men with frequent low back pain are recommended to eat foods containing inorganic salts, because the intake of calcium in inorganic salts is recommended to men with low back pain to eat more soy products.

Through the introduction of the above content, I believe that you have some knowledge and understanding of the clinical manifestations of men’s back pain and what is better to eat for men with back pain. If men have back pain, they can determine the type of back pain they have according to the above content, and eat more fiber-rich food, inorganic salt food, vitamin C food, etc. Do you remember?