Why does a man’s beard grow acne?

Life always see a lot of men have beard acne phenomenon, men beard acne is what is going on? Many people should have such questions, women chin acne may be to come to menstruation in advance to inform the physiological phenomenon, then men beard acne and why is it? Here let us follow the small to discuss the man beard acne in the end is due to what reason?

Men’s beard acne is what causes.

Acne in medicine belongs to a skin inflammatory disease, is due to hair follicles and sebum blockage caused by inflammation and caused by a skin disease, which most of the acne are growing in the human face, which some men will find in the beard more luxuriant place will also grow acne, which is how it is? The actual reason why the male beard pimples and what causes it? The following let me to analyze the reasons for the male beard acne.

1, the body hormone secretion imbalance

Some of the men in the adolescent period, the body’s hormone secretion will appear imbalanced symptoms, when the body’s hormone imbalance will cause excessive sebum secretion in the body, which will promote the growth of male beard, resulting in the more luxuriant beard will grow acne.

2, frequent plucking beard

Some men will have the habit of plucking beard, when plucking beard plucking habit, plucking beard times and frequency will increase, then in the growth of beard skin location of the hair follicle will be damaged, will trigger the hair follicle and sebum blockage situation occurs, then will cause folliculitis disease occurs. And through the stimulation of folliculitis disease will produce acne.

So for this situation, there are frequent plucking beard habit of men, should immediately stop this habit, and quit this bad habit, to avoid long-term acne and increase their own distress.

3, long time not shave

In the male beard is more luxuriant location, is the most like the place where bacteria live, if a long time not shave, plus sweating is not timely cleaning treatment and so on reason, this will lead to bacteria in the luxuriant beard location a large number of breeding, thus triggering infection triggered folliculitis, resulting in the occurrence of acne.

For this situation, I remind you here, if the beard growth speed is faster, you can choose to shave every day, the beard growth speed is slower can choose two only three days to shave a beard.

4, razor use improper

Some of the men because of improper operation of the razor, or too hard in the long shave, it will lead to the human body shave the skin location is damaged, then the skin follicles will be infected and trigger folliculitis, which led to the occurrence of acne.

There are some men after shaving, for razor also did not have a good care and cleaning, resulting in a large number of bacteria within the razor breeding, when in shaving razor bacteria in the razor will take advantage of the opportunity to infect the human skin, resulting in the occurrence of acne.

So for this razor improper use of men, before using pay attention to read the instructions and remember not to use too much force in the process. And after hanging beard must also pay attention to the razor for cleaning and care, to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

5, allergies lead to

It has been found that a significant number of men have allergic symptoms to razors, and the skin will trigger acne after causing an allergic reaction.

So that for this kind of men will be allergic to razors, is away from razors do not use razors, you can choose to use razors instead.

Through the introduction of the above, we all know that men beard acne in the end is due to what reason it! So you are still not paying attention to these factors of long acne? You should know that women do not look good with acne, men are not handsome with acne, do not lower their face value because of the acne on the beard! The man must pay attention to the way he shaves his beard in life, not too diligent to shave, and do not always do not shave, which may lead to beard acne!