How can men prevent ejaculation?


The sperm slippage, also known as slippery ejaculation, refers to the night without dreaming and shed, or even awake when the semen automatically slipped out of the disease. We hear more about the physiological phenomenon of “seminal emission”, seminal emission refers to the seminal fluid emitted on its own when not having sexual intercourse. Spermatorrhea, on the other hand, is a more serious stage of spermatorrhea.

Why does spermatorrhea occur?

1. uncontrolled masturbation

I believe that many single men have had the experience of masturbation, in fact, there is no harm in doing it occasionally, but if you masturbate frequently without restraint, the lighter the libido is reduced, the more serious may cause slippery sperm problems, and even infertility.

2. excessive intercourse

The sexual indulgence will make the cerebral cortex more sensitive to sex, resulting in fast erection and ejaculation, and easy seminal emission, or in serious cases, slippery sperm.

3. Genitourinary system diseases

Such as urethritis, prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases on the reproductive organs formed a bad stimulation, resulting in the occurrence of slippage.

4. External stimulation

Tight underwear on the scrotum, penile restraint, hot bath stimulation of the reproductive system, strenuous exercise, cycling, lying down to sleep pressure on the penis, scrotum, these factors can affect the reproductive organs, leading to the emergence of slippery semen.

5. The influence of pornographic film and television reading materials

Some people are addicted to watching pornographic films and books, so that the cerebral cortex is always in a state of excitement, which can easily lead to seminal emission or even slippage.

6. physical weakness

Some people are weak, malnourished, insomnia, excessive worry, which will lead to a decrease in body resistance, the function of the reproductive organs will naturally be affected, which will lead to the occurrence of slippage.

How to prevent the occurrence of slippery sperm?

The water in the bath should not be too hot, avoid long baths, hot springs, so as not to affect the health of the reproductive organs at high temperatures, clothing and pants should be loose and comfortable, to reduce the constraint on the reproductive system, masturbation should not be too frequent, sexual intercourse should be restrained, less pornography, diet should be light and mild, less spicy stimulating food. If you have other genitourinary system diseases, you should seek medical treatment early.