Studies show that life is linked to personality

  Several years ago, an article in the British Daily Mail stated that not only is our behavior influenced by personality, but even our health has a lot to do with it. Personality has become a factor that cannot be missing in the secret of longevity.

1. too optimistic prone to early death: optimism is a widely recognized personality, allowing people to reduce mental burden, reduce the risk of mental illness, but also reduce the physical aspects of disease. But excessive optimism is detrimental to health. It is not that this character will make subtle changes in the body, but excessive optimism will allow people to ignore the physical and mental problems, thinking that they will not happen any disease.

Researchers at Japan’s Comrade Society University found that the more optimistic a personality is, the lower the weight loss results after surveying obese people in weight loss clubs. This is because they always see the positive side, and belittle their weight problems. The University of California study found that people with overly optimistic personalities are prone to die early because they overestimate their ability to overcome difficulties and illnesses, thus delaying treatment.

2. Sensitive people live relatively long lives: Women live longer on average than men, and a sensitive personality is thought to be one of the reasons for this. They are more adept at expressing their emotions and seeking support when they experience problems. Research at the University of Grasse in the UK found that if men had some feminine traits, they would have a relatively less stressful life and a reduced risk of heart disease. This may be because such men are more inclined to talk about their feelings and also seek help when they need it, rather than secretly toughing it out and asking for help if they are not feeling well.

Three types of personality, are you a long life personality, or a cancer personality?

There are many divisions of personality classification. Some studies have divided personality into three categories based on the relationship between personality and health, combined with some studies.

1: Easy to be anxious, often sulking

This type of personality is often called “cancerous personality”. People with this type of personality are often used to restrain and suppress themselves in order to improve relationships and avoid conflict, and rarely show negative emotions and like to sulk. A type of personality is often easy to go with the flow, lack of ideas, but also often feel lonely and helpless.

People who are self-restrained, depressed, helpless, and overly concerned about others are prone to endocrine disorders and dysfunctional organ activities. As the body’s immune system decreases, the chance of developing cancer will increase.

In addition, a study also pointed out that people who have been mentally depressed for a long time are also prone to diseases such as cholecystitis, gallstones and peptic ulcers.

2: Contented and easy-going, adaptable

The second type of personality is like the Jia mother in “Dream of the Red Chamber”, forgiving, kind, optimistic and easy-going. The second type of personality is not fast-paced, like to take it easy and relaxed, easy-going, easy-going, less aggressive. This kind of personality can always deal with setbacks and difficulties with a normal heart, social adaptability, easy to meet and feel happy, is a “long life personality”.

A survey in Shanghai shows that 83% of the long-lived elderly people over 90 years old have the second type of personality. Experts point out that 60% of the longevity factors depend on oneself, and the mindset ranks first. People with Type II personality are cheerful and optimistic, endocrine disorders are not easy to occur, and the chances of people getting sick are reduced. Of course, as we said above, overly optimistic people are prone to “disregard the small”, ignoring the problems of the body.

3: Competitive, quick-tempered

Three types of personalities like competition, high energy, a sense of urgency, willing to fight to achieve success, the work requirements are relatively high. When these personalities encounter obstacles, they are easily angered, fidgety, and overly worried about possible adverse events. Some studies have pointed out that people with this type of personality are prone to high blood pressure after middle age. Some statistics show that 85% of cardiovascular diseases are related to this type of personality, and 98% of heart disease patients are three types of personality.

The reason is that people with three types of personalities are easily excited, which tends to make the sympathetic nervous system become excited, prompting the secretion of the elevated substances “catecholamines”, and the blood vessels will be “tight” under stress, and in the long run will be prone to hypertension.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, but if you are usually too irritable or too depressed will also bring different problems to the body. Therefore, to maintain a calm state of mind is the most helpful to health, but not too optimistic, not too depressed, irritable, life will also be better and better.