What is the purpose of a woman’s pubic hair?

In the surface of the external genitalia of the female friend’s body there will be pubic hair growing out, in front of the pubic symphysis, almost showing the shape of an inverted triangle, or a long strip, or other shapes, etc., to cover the labia majora, some women want to shave these pubic hair, but do not know that pubic hair is a lot of role, so what is the role of women’s pubic hair?

The physiological things that grow out of our body have a certain role for our body, but different things will have different roles, which for women’s intimate hair, the role played by the role of a lot, in fact, in the intimate growth of pubic hair for the vaginal area has a very good role in the defense, to prevent the invasion of germs and foreign bodies and to better maintain the protection of health. In the time of conjugal life pubic hair can also make the process to reduce mutual friction, to prevent the bulge of the mons suffer unnecessary damage, while pubic hair on the sexual organs and clothing between the friction can also be reduced, or in walking and movement when the violent contact, as the existence of armpit hair, reducing the friction between the armpit and arm general.

In fact, the role played by pubic hair is not only the above-mentioned, there will be some other role, so that in the case of having to do not shave, in the ventilation function to maintain the words, pubic hair can also make the reproductive organs to maintain good ventilation, to prevent the emergence of too wet situation. Some diseases in life have a great relationship with pubic hair, such as common pubic lice, generally speaking, whether it is conjugal life, cover quilts or underwear sharing, it is possible to contact the way the infection caused by pubic lice, so in ordinary life must pay attention to good personal hygiene, if unfortunately infected and caused by pubic lice, it is best to scrape the pubic hair, so that the space for the growth of pubic lice The best is to shave the pubic hair so that the pubic lice growth space is cut off.

What is the role of women’s pubic hair? I believe that all people are very concerned about this issue, under normal circumstances, the intimate parts of female friends are growing hair, known as pubic hair, many people do not have a correct understanding of pubic hair, about the role of women’s pubic hair related content, in the above has been a detailed introduction for everyone, I hope it can help you.