6 ways to help delay easy hair loss in middle-aged men

After entering middle age, many men are facing a problem, which is hair loss. Hair loss affects the image of men, and some middle-aged men have particularly serious hair loss, which causes harm to the physical and mental health of men. This is a very good idea. In fact, for middle-aged men, you can take certain measures to delay hair loss, the following is introduced to you.

1, reasonable diet away from greasy food

Men at high risk of hair loss should stay away from too greasy, sweet, spicy food, increase the proportion of cereals, vegetables, fruits in the diet, eat more black beans, black sesame, eggs and other iron-rich, calcium-rich food, increase the hair tonic food, such as milk, lean meat, poultry and fish. Foreign fast food fried food, do not often eat.

2, often comb your hair

Frequent combing can remove dandruff, increase the luster of the hair, and massage the scalp to promote blood circulation and enhance the blood supply and nutrition of the hair root. If the direction of hair combing remains the same, the place where the hair seam is separated will show special dryness or thinning due to the frequent sunlight. If the parted area starts to thin, you should massage it after applying hair lotion or head oil to moisturize the scalp that is already dry. Sometimes you may want to change the direction of the separation, not only can you enjoy the fun of hair, and can avoid the trouble of baldness caused by the dryness of the separation.

3, Reduce the time of internet games

Too much internet gaming is one of the factors that cause male hair loss to become younger. The longer the average time spent on the computer each day, the more likely men are to lose their hair. This is related to excessive nerve tension. Long time playing games on the Internet, the central nervous system is always in a state of tension, will cause disorders of the plant nerves, skin vasoconstriction dysfunction, local vasoconstriction of the scalp, reduced blood supply, will cause malnutrition of hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

4, Release stress and improve sleep quality

Male hair loss younger and excessive pressure, sleep is not sufficient inseparable. Stress, long-term tension, anxiety and fatigue lead to poor sleep quality, which can aggravate hair loss. Relax your mind and improve the quality of sleep can help improve hair loss.

5, Head massage

Because of thin hair or baldness and hurt people, the recommendation is to do head massage to promote blood circulation. Massage can make the hair soft, improve metabolism and promote hair development. Massage is done by rubbing or pulling the hair tightly with your fingers. Before the massage, apply hair oil on the scalp to improve the effect. In addition, using a brush made of bristles and tapping the scalp at a right angle every day can also be effective.

6, Moderate shampooing

Shampoo too diligent or too little is not good, more appropriate time is two to three times a week, shampoo water temperature to about 40 degrees is appropriate; shampoo gently massage the scalp, not only to clean the scalp, but also to promote blood circulation in the scalp; shampoo agent to use non-irritating. After shampooing, it is recommended to let the hair dry naturally, if you use a hair dryer, pay attention to the temperature of the wind can not be too high, wind too hot will damage the hair tissue, damage the scalp.

Hair loss is a big problem for middle-aged men, hair loss affects everyone’s image and is bad for everyone’s scalp health. So for hair loss, middle-aged men must pay attention to the situation. The 6 points introduced above can effectively help middle-aged men to delay hair loss, I hope to draw your attention and bring help to you.