What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency that men don’t want to get involved with?

Kidney deficiency is a problem that many men will be concerned about because it occurs more often in their lives. When people ask: “Do you have kidney deficiency?” I believe that 100% of men will shake their heads. On the one hand, men have a general fear of kidney deficiency, lest they get involved with it. On the other hand, when faced with their own bodies, many male friends have a slight physical difference, such as frequent night urination, urination, etc., they feel that they are not “kidney deficiency”, and a significant number of people think that kidney deficiency is sexual dysfunction.

So kidney deficiency over time will slowly turn into nephritis, kidney failure and other diseases? What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency? Today to answer your questions.

Will kidney deficiency turn into nephritis and kidney failure?

The kidney in Western medicine refers to the kidney, while the kidney in Chinese medicine includes the function of several systems such as the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, in addition to the anatomical structure of the kidney. Kidney deficiency manifests low or inadequate functions of these systems and immune mechanisms, including the whole stage from subhealthy state to disease.

Kidney deficiency is a factor that causes sexual dysfunction, but sexual dysfunction may also be caused by other factors, so sexual dysfunction can not be completely equal to kidney deficiency, and male friends do not have to be afraid of kidney deficiency.

Symptoms of kidney deficiency and relief.

In Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency is mainly divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, which are manifested as follows.

Kidney Yang deficiency: the symptoms are lumbar acidity, cold extremities, cold, decreased libido, and even edema, the symptoms of “cold”. Relief: you can use the Chinese herbal medicine such as sapodilla, cistanches, wolfberries, cuscuta, baji tian, or take the Chinese medicine to warm the kidneys and remove dampness, warm kidney sulafu conditioning.

Kidney Yin deficiency: Symptoms include soreness of the waist, dryness and heat, night sweats, false sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, etc., which are symptoms of “heat”. Relief: can be regulated by Chinese herbs such as Shu Di Huang, Yam, Cornus officinalis, Dan Pi, etc., or by taking the Chinese medicine Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, which nourishes Yin and tonifies the kidneys.

Improvement of kidney deficiency precautions.

1. Psychologically improve.

Many men who feel that their kidney deficiency is more psychological in nature. In addition to organic causes, the couple’s emotional disharmony, lack of sexual knowledge, poor lifestyle, too high expectations, etc., can cause psychological pressure on men. The anxiety, depression and inappropriate medical behavior after suspecting that they are ill often add to the disease.

2. Dietary regimen.

You can consume more healthy foods that are good for the kidney, such as black rice, black beans, black sesame, black fungus, black seaweed, etc.; aquatic products, such as loach, eel, eel, abalone, octopus, snapper, oyster, clam, sea scallop, etc.; dried fruits, such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.; beans and soy products; vegetables, such as leeks, celery, carrots, yams, etc., and foods such as dates and cinnamon.

Reduce the intake of excessive bitter cold, cold food, such as bitter melon, pork, goose, beer eating too much are hurt the kidneys.

3. Exercise.

Appropriate exercise helps the body’s health, but the intensity should not be too great, should choose the ability of the sports program. To promote blood circulation, can improve blood stasis, qi loss and other conditions. Such as walking, jogging, brisk walking, or walking barefoot on the cobblestones properly, will promote blood circulation and have an auxiliary therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency.