After men urinate, why the body will habitually shake a little?

He stood on the spot, the urinal “a diarrhea”, not yet finished, but also unconsciously shiver, a cold shiver, as if the whole body over the general electricity.

The above scenes, male compatriots should not be unfamiliar, right?

Some physiological common sense, for women is a blind spot, in the eyes of men is a habit, such as the above – urine tremors.

Today, Xiaojiu decided to talk seriously about the “shake after urinating” problem. Note that it is not the kind of “shake” in order to shake the urine clean after shushing, oh~.

After urinating “shake” is why

Many men do not understand why they like to “shake” after urinating, they just can’t seem to control themselves. In this regard, the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University urology chief physician Zhao Shanchao introduced, after urination will “shake a little”, in the medical known as post-urinary convulsion syndrome, and cause men to urinate after the “shake a little” the following four main reasons:.

1, body temperature regulation

When it is cold, people always shiver unconsciously, in fact, this is the performance of the human body to regulate body temperature. Water in the human body has the role of maintaining heat, when people put a lot of water out means that the body loses a lot of heat. When men urinate, part of their body is exposed to the cold air, and when warm urine is discharged from the bladder, this makes the body temperature imbalance to the point of triggering uncontrollable shivering.

2, Exciting nerves are stimulated

When men urinate, it is inevitable that the nerves at the end of the Y-stem will be stimulated, and sometimes they will feel tingling in urination, and even make men “shiver” after urinating. It is worth noting that “shaking” after urinating is a very normal thing, there is no need to link this normal phenomenon with the disease, only to scare themselves.

3, the autonomic nervous system response

In fact, the human urination is mainly supervised by the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is the peripheral nervous system of vertebrates, and is also the control center of many auto-regulatory functions, such as body temperature, heartbeat, etc. However, it is important to note that urination is not entirely automatic, but is subject to conscious human control.

Neural control of urination Photo source: Internet

When a person’s urine accumulates in the bladder and the bladder expands to a certain degree, the urination reflex is triggered, which activates the sacral nerve located in the spinal cord. At this point, the parasympathetic nervous system responds, causing the parasympathetic sacral spinal nerve in the bladder to be activated, which causes contraction of the bladder muscle and relaxation of the internal urethral sphincter, which in turn expels urine.

When a man wants to urinate, it is often the parasympathetic nerve that causes the detrusor muscle to contract, putting pressure on the bladder in order to expel urine. In addition, if a man holds his urine for too long, it will stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, causing nerve reflexes, often after urination will appear “shake a little” phenomenon.

4, catecholamines make people appear self-imposed pressure

After urinating “shake a little”, is likely to be a nervous system signal error caused by the action. Because when a person’s bladder is full, blood pressure will also rise. As the person urinates, the blood pressure decreases. When a person is faced with this sudden decrease in blood pressure, the sympathetic nervous system begins to release a neurotransmitter called catecholamines to help balance the blood pressure. At this time, after urinating, there will be a “shake” situation.

After urinating “shake a little”, not a male patent

Many men think that after urinating “shake a little” but the patent of men, how can women will also shake. In fact, after urinating “shake a little” is not only men can, women, babies may also appear this physiological phenomenon. The phenomenon of “shaking” after urinating does not occur every time you urinate, but generally occurs more frequently in men and infants, and less frequently in women. Some people also ask: women need to wipe after urinating, men need?

In fact, for the issue of wiping after urinating, there is really a difference between men and women. Because the structure of the male and female urethra is different, women’s urethra is shorter and straighter than men’s, so women are more likely to have urine residue in the urethra after urination and need to wipe it with a tissue to reduce the risk of infection. The general male does not need to worry about bacterial invasion or other unhygienic factors, urinating after a shake or shake can be.

The analysis of the “shake” after the man urinated is here, the original small a “shake” there are so many learning.