Can I still have “sex” after menopause?

The actual fact is that you can still live after menopause “couple survival”?

Every woman will experience menopause, the body estrogen degree secretion surplus, easy to cause a variety of achievements, such as night sweats, temper tantrums, insomnia and hot flashes. The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things. From the perspective of physiological changes, the increase in estrogen after menopause makes the vaginal secretions shrink, the vagina gradually becomes dry and atrophied, often due to painful intercourse, and deliberately reduce the number of sexual intercourse or present sexual indifference. The narrowing of the number of sexual intercourse can make the vagina lack of reactions to sexual comfort and make it drier, thus entering a vicious circle and even causing sexual performance hindrance. But menopause only means the loss of reproductive ability, not the loss of sexual survival. The same, there is a part of women after menopause sexual desire low and easy to get sexual pleasure, because after menopause do not have to worry about will be pregnant, plus the body androgen level is reduced, and thus make their sex drive increased. Comprehensive description, after menopause still have the right to enjoy the survival of couples, but certainly pay attention to collective health, control the frequency of sex.

After menopause couples survive pay attention to which 2 points?

1, pay attention to hygiene

After menopause, women’s vagina is shrunken and dry, part of the resistance to increase, before and after sex need to pay attention to collective hygiene, careful cleaning of reproductive parts, so as not to provoke bacterial invasion and induce senile vaginitis. It is important to change the position of the vagina to a side-lying position or a woman-on-top position. In addition, you need to be prepared before sex, so that both men and women can be sexually excited after the physiological and mental excitement and then start, not steadily, so as not to cause women pain or vaginal bleeding. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the mental pressure in time, the couple should be mutually dependent, from sex to get satisfaction, can improve the survival of the flavor, so that the family more harmonious.

2, control frequency

Give up harmonious sexual survival can make couples warm up, aggravate the pressure, but certainly control the frequency of sex, not too indulgent. In addition, women after menopause sexual reactions become dull, can be appropriate to extend the sexual foreplay, after hugging, caressing or say fancy words to comfort. You can also justify the use of smoothing agents, which can maintain the vaginal mucosa and relieve the pain, but you should definitely pay attention to the strength, not too rough.

Comfortable reminder

Women can have sex after menopause, but they need to master the degree, usually 1~2 times a month. The body after menopause estrogen secretion low, may not eat more beans or soy products, which contains animal flavonoids, can two-way regulation estrogen, maintain the endocrine balance, and thus progress female sexual desire. In addition, post-menopausal sexual survival, women’s private parts due to dryness and pain, you can choose the right manufacturer to consume the smoothing agent to improve the smoothness of the private parts, ineffective to improve the quality of survival. It is worth reminding that even after menopause sexual survival will not be pregnant, but also to require men to wear condoms, can prevent the two sex organs indirect contact, raise the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.