Explain what psychological changes men have after marriage

There are many changes in men after marriage, both psychologically and physically, and as long as the changes are good, they can continue in most cases. If it is a bad direction, you need to put on the brakes in time and actively fight against it is good for your body. Men are not only easy to change their bodies after marriage, the change of mentality is more obvious, so what are the psychological changes that men often have after marriage? How to prevent getting fat after marriage? Here’s a look at it together.

What are the psychological changes in men after marriage

1, afraid of being alone

Before getting a woman, men do everything by themselves. Come home alone from work, clean up the house alone, eat alone, sleep alone , men enjoy the solitude of a person.

After getting a woman, the man began to fear the loneliness and the days of being alone. If once in a while you do not see a woman after work, you will feel lonely and have nothing to do. This is because men are many times more afraid of loneliness than women, social pressure, the innate sense of loneliness, he needs the company of women.

2, become tolerant

Before getting a woman, love when men are very dominant, that women should do everything according to the wishes of men to do, to listen to their own. That is because men think that women do not know a lot, do not know the world, need the guidance of men to help.

After getting a woman, men know that women have grown up, understand that women also have their own circle, also have their own way of life, men can not interfere. The man became tolerant, no longer explicit requirements for women, let women develop their own careers, enjoy their own lives.

3, more mutually accommodating

Before getting a woman, men always say to women: love a person is to accept his shortcomings, let the woman to accept everything about themselves, he also accepted the shortcomings of the woman.

After getting a woman, the man more practical action to prove this sentence, just in his acceptance of women’s shortcomings at the same time, they are strict requirements for themselves, to change the shortcomings of their bodies, so that they become more perfect, so that women do not need to put up with their shortcomings.

4, become lazy

Before getting a woman, the man is very hardworking, the home cleaned up neatly, clean, and will show a hand for his girlfriend, do a few handfuls of small dishes.

After the man has a woman, what things are messed up, not because the man became lazy, but because the man likes to watch the woman for him to clean up while nagging their own sloppy, the man feels that this is a kind of happiness. Watching women pay for him, he felt the strong love of women.

Of course, if you call him to help, he is still happy, just verbally there are some excuses, the heart is still very happy, because he saw you pay for him, the same will be willing to pay for you, just men prefer to return more than pay, not really become lazy to move.

5, become pampered

Before getting a woman, the man is a woman’s strong backing. He is less sick, very strong, when his girlfriend is not comfortable without saying anything will hold to go to the hospital, but in their own sick time is able to endure, really can not go to the doctor.

After getting a woman, the man became delicate, the woman a little fashionable, can make the man love can not help it! Always move to say where uncomfortable, even if it is a little cold and runny nose.

In fact, not men become delicate, but because men like to see women worried about him and anxious attitude, men feel that this is a kind of happiness. Men are always inside like a child who has not grown up, want to see his lover worry about him for his anxiety, from the lover to get care and attention is a kind of happiness.

6, become vulnerable

In the eyes of women, men are strong and indestructible. In the absence of women before, men bravely bear everything. No matter how much disaster occurred at home, how much frustration suffered in the career, he bore, never is a man with tears not lightly.

After getting a woman, the man understood that the reason why there are tears do not play lightly because “not to the sad place”. In fact, the man’s heart is very fragile, for many years he bore so much by himself, he needs a little more care, a little more care, hope to get more love, especially from the love of his life.

How to prevent getting fat after marriage

1, a small number of meals. A small number of meals for those who have more weight than three meals a day to lose weight faster.

2, to eat breakfast. Do not eat breakfast, Chinese food or dinner may eat more things, is not conducive to weight loss.

3, eat less dinner. Because the evening activity is generally less, the need to consume fewer calories.

4, drink more water. You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Water can help stimulate the metabolism of body fat and suppress appetite. Water can also prevent fluid retention, drink enough water to enable the body to replace the stored fluids in a timely manner.

5, eat more slowly. Try to choose something to chew to take time to eat, slow down the speed of eating can be brain health, have time to form a full signal, eliminate hunger.

These are all about the changes in men’s lives after marriage, whether psychologically or physically, changes are actually very common, as long as they are not in the wrong direction, timely improvement is also possible. In fact, for men this change of heart, I can still understand, must be how to say also belong to the past, but for the ladies want to change passive to active also need to learn the appropriate adaptations, I hope that today’s introduction can help you.