Do you understand the unspoken rules between couples?

When it comes to subtle rules we always habitually think of a circle of flower news, in fact, there are some subtle rules between couples. To want their own happy married life, in the usual need to understand these subtle rules, never and these subtle rules really, on the one hand, is unnecessary, on the other hand, really may hurt the peace, and then affect the stability of the marriage. The following specific introduction, the subtle rules between husband and wife.

What are the unspoken rules between husband and wife?

1, some men in the marriage, for household chores is able to push, so often will be counted by the wife. When your wife is complaining that your husband does not do housework, you should not talk or try to refute, the subtle rules tell us that the vast majority of women are willing to work without complaining, she criticized or complained that you do not love labor and do not do housework, does not mean that she really asked you to participate in housework, her complaints are nothing more than an exaggeration of their emotions.

2, most women in marriage are fond of nagging, men should never try to concept this behavior of their wives. What are the unspoken rules between husband and wife? The subtle rules tell us that women’s nagging are subconsciously and subconsciously set in the implementation of the program, it is impossible to be reminded by the husband to stop running, if the husband’s response to his wife’s nagging is too strong, not only does not help the nagging stop, but may lead to civil war in the family.

3, no matter how independent women are, deep down they always hope they can be coaxed. When your wife expresses dissatisfaction with you, your best way is to use the sweet words of love to coax her, the unspoken rule tells us that when the wife is coaxed by her husband to find the north, it is the time when the wife is exhausted and does not need you to pay for her life.

4, in the family economic power, if the wife is not particularly unreliable, it is recommended to let the wife in charge. What are the unspoken rules between husband and wife? The husband better not be in charge of the family economy, the unspoken rules tell us that the husband in charge of the family economy is the biggest disadvantage is only to control their own not spend money, simply can not control the wife’s desire to spend. Therefore, as long as the man is responsible for making money, the use of money at home to spend the money happy are the wife’s business, the husband saw the wife bag into the door when the best in the eyes closed at the same time the mouth is also closed.

5, men who like to lie, or to pay proper attention to their words and actions, because wives sometimes just do not pick through. Don’t think how much money you have in your pocket wife doesn’t know, and don’t think you’re hiding private money wife can’t find, so a smart man should truthfully report where his money is spent, of course, the subterfuge tells us that if the money is spent on other women, we must adhere to the “beaten to death also not to say” the spirit of hardcore .

6, how the family’s money is spent, men do not expect their wives will give you an understanding. The unspoken rules tell us that the vast majority of women spend money without a plan, let alone any planning, impulse spending is a common problem for women, and the market is full of fancy promotional tools are designed for women.

7, in the usual time to tell lies, but also to pay attention to the right amount, some things can not say too much. They will give you enough face in public, but if she catches you once in the nonsense you are completely finished, because, she will never foolishly believe you again.

8, anyone for the past of the former are very concerned, so do not tell each other about the previous relationship. What are the unspoken rules between couples? The unspoken rules tell us that both husbands and wives are nagging at each other about their first love or ex, so telling each other one more detail will add one more item to their heroic shortcomings or add one more tired of climbing competition goals.

Some men act as the grandfather at home after they get married, such men are not only disrespected, but also have a high likelihood of eventually being divorced. Most of such men have the problem of idleness, the body does not like to move but the mouth is very diligent, it is recommended that in the marriage appropriate attention to these subtle rules between the couple, in addition to hard work, in order to maintain family harmony also need to do some concessions.