Pregnant mothers pay attention to several major radiation


In recent years, electromagnetic radiation has become the fourth pollution after air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution, many mothers are worried that electromagnetic radiation will harm the little baby in the belly, where to hear the word “radiation” but afraid to avoid. The following is hidden in our side of the electromagnetic radiation sources, we give them in line, mothers understand, will not be “too much fear”!

Electric blanket radiation index: ★★★★★

Electric blankets will generate electromagnetic fields after the electricity is turned on, producing electromagnetic radiation. This radiation may affect the cell division of the fetus in the mother’s womb, causing abnormal changes in its cell division, and the fetal bone cells are also the most sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

If the fetus uses an electric blanket and is exposed to electromagnetic radiation for a long time, it is most likely that the fetus’ brain, nerves, bones, heart and other important organs and tissues will be adversely affected.

Love tip: pregnant mothers should not use electric blankets.

X-rays radiation index: ★★★★★

X-rays are a very short wavelength penetrating electromagnetic waves, if the amount of exposure to X-rays is too much, it may produce a radiation reaction, and even suffer a certain degree of radiation damage. However, if the amount of X-ray radiation is within the permissible range, the impact is generally very small.

For pregnant mothers, excessive exposure to X-rays can lead to severe fetal malformations, miscarriage and intrauterine death in the early stages of pregnancy. In general, the impact of X-rays on the fetus is relatively small when the chest or extremities are irradiated. The closer to the expected date of delivery, the less the effect is also.

If you need to take an abdominal X-ray, the effect on the fetus is not enough to require the pregnant mother to have an abortion.

Microwave oven radiation index: ★★★★

The radiation of the microwave oven tops the list of household appliances, but is often overlooked and has a greater impact on the microphone. Use of attention: microwave ovens should not be placed in the bedroom, open the microwave oven, people do not stand next to, and then stop running when the past to deal with food, microwave ovens are not used to dial off the power. Pregnant mothers should not use the microwave oven to cook food, because cooking food to long time close contact with the microwave oven, receive the most radiation.

Love tip: Although the microwave oven radiation, but can be prevented, pregnant mothers use it is still relatively safe.

Computer monitor and host radiation index: ★★★★★

The computer monitor and the host are the two largest components of computer radiation, is one of the most discussed and focused on the prevention of the mother-to-be appliances, basically a bit of talk about the “brain” taste. Computer radiation on the fetus in the end how big the impact is not yet conclusive, but can minimize exposure after all a little peace of mind.

Love tip: keep a safe distance from the computer, wear radiation-proof clothing, control the use of time are ways to prevent radiation.

Cell phone radiation index: ★★★

When the cell phone is in working condition, the cell phone will transmit radio waves to the transmitting base station, and any kind of radio waves will be more or less absorbed by the human body, thus changing the human tissue, which may have an impact on human health.

Although cell phone radiation is not high, but close to the human relationship, is the mimics do not leave the hand of common equipment, improper use may have adverse consequences. When the cell phone signal is just connected, in the state of maximum output power, cell phone radiation is the largest, so in the moment of connection should be cell phone away from the head.

When the signal is bad, the radiation will also increase.

Love tip: It is recommended that pregnant mothers use special headphones and microphones to answer the phone, minimize the talk time, and promote the use of program-controlled phones.

TV radiation index: ★★★

The traditional TV monitor is displayed by the electron beam hitting the phosphor, the electron beam will produce electromagnetic radiation in the moment it hits the phosphor, for the traditional picture tube, LCD TV and plasma TV radiation is much smaller. Mimi indulge in television will be affected by electromagnetic radiation.

Loving tips: when watching TV is best to maintain a distance of 2 meters, indoor lighting, watch TV time do not exceed two hours in a row, wash your face after watching TV, in a timely manner to clean up the facial skin absorbed radiation material.

Keyboard and mouse radiation index: ★

Keyboard and mouse radiation awareness is controversial, the network is prevalent keyboard and mouse is the two largest components of computer radiation, but experts believe that not scientific, because theoretically speaking, the greater the power consumption of electronic products to produce electromagnetic radiation the higher the chances.

In the keyboard, mouse, monitor, host of the four, obviously the host and monitor more power consumption. Therefore, it can be considered that the keyboard and mouse radiation is not large, the impact on the microphone is not large.

Love tip: As long as you control the use of time, how to use are safe.

Copiers, printers radiation index: ★

Current will produce electromagnetic waves, there are electromagnetic waves on the problem of radiation. For copiers, radiation is not the main problem, generally in the national allowable range. The electronic coil and fan parts of the printer have the greatest radiation.