How to maintain a perfect body for men in the workplace

Long-term sitting in the office, serious lack of exercise, coupled with frequent social drinking, resulting in serious deformation of the body. The body is getting fatter day by day not only affects the beauty, but also caused a lot of harm to the body, so in addition to strengthening the movement, what other methods can workplace men to maintain a perfect body?

Workplace men are prone to fat

Causes of male obesity.

1, long time sedentary office, lack of exercise due to work tension.

2, depressed mood from food or alcohol to seek comfort.

3, weight and the pressure you are under will form a vicious circle: the average person under pressure is prone to overeating, indigestion and overweight, so more vulnerable to the effects of stress.

4, some people believe that “a broad mind and fat”, fat is a carefree performance. From a psychological point of view, this statement is not unreasonable, which is why most of the male body after marriage is like a balloon was blown up as quickly as fat one of the reasons.

5, the average man has about 30 billion fat cells in his body, and as he ages, these cells get a little heavier. Therefore, almost every man after the age of 30 is always a little heavier than before. And his genes, hormones and slowed down metabolism all start to have an effect on his abdomen.

To control gaining weight or losing weight is really a matter of changing your exercise and eating habits. Now no matter what you do, you will still have a way to burn calories. In fact, there are opportunities to exercise everywhere in your daily life, discover them and be persistent.