Learn these 6 ways to avoid quarrels in love

Two people in the process of dating, will inevitably be born quarrels, if only occasionally quarrel, the impact on the relationship is not great, if the regular quarrel, it will be a direct threat to a relationship. So, what about the constant quarrels in a relationship? Two people in the process of getting along, first of all, we must learn to respect each other, so to cross the bottom line of a good quarrel, followed by angry when not to say hurt each other, but also pay attention to avoid nagging to talk non-stop.

The first thing is to learn to respect each other.

1, about the bottom line of the quarrel in advance

In the quarrel, two people are very emotional, so you need to pay proper attention to the wording of each. What about the constant quarrels in love? In the usual calm time both sides to set down the rules of the quarrel, in the quarrel there are things that can not be done, which words can not be said, set a good quarrel bottom line, to be able to let each other in the quarrel control, to prevent in the quarrel to get unmanageable, so that each other no steps.

2, do not say hurt each other when fighting words

It is important to adhere to the principle of discussing the matter, and never make something out of nothing to increase the conflict between each other. The general people in anger, the words are easy to hurt each other, so in the quarrel to control themselves, although in the quarrel, say the words can make their own momentary pleasure, but also let each other will hurt, so in the quarrel to pay attention to not say too much words.

3, do not nag to talk non-stop

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good relationship. Many women always like to talk endlessly when they quarrel. Although women are more delicate, when there is some aggravation will let themselves talk non-stop, but know that in the quarrel, if you let yourself nagging to talk non-stop, will make men more disgusted, so in the quarrel when try not to let themselves nagging.

4. Solve problems effectively after a quarrel

In order to avoid increasing conflicts with each other, you need to take reasonable measures to solve problems after a fight. After each quarrel to let each other calm, after calm to let each other to take methods to solve the problem, after the quarrel to let each other calm to tell each other what is in mind, learn to communicate effectively and reach an agreed solution.

5, do not turn over old debts

It is inevitable that unpleasantness will occur between two people, for the past things should let him pass. There are some people who like to turn over old scores when they quarrel, and when they quarrel, they should be careful not to let each other create new problems, or to turn over some of the previously solved problems again, turning over the old scores will make things more serious, especially the problems that have been solved, if they are turned over again it is easy to make each other resentful.

6, do not hurt each other’s self-esteem

When you quarrel, if you are more aggressive, you can try not to speak. What about the constant quarrels in love? There are some men and women in a quarrel, will use some more exciting language is to hurt each other’s self-esteem, like some women will say that the man does not have a career, other men better than him, but do not know that these hurt their own words, once spoken will have a greater harm, after all, who can not accept self-esteem is hurt, especially in front of the intimate people.

It is inevitable that couples quarrel with each other, but master some quarrel skills later, you can effectively avoid quarrel damage to the relationship. In fact, no matter what time it is, communication is very important, quarrel can not solve anything, but communication can solve many things. When quarreling, pay attention not to turn over old scores to avoid quarreling more and more aggressive, resulting in a rift between the two people’s feelings.