Men how to skin care can prevent wrinkles?

Whether men or women, are worried about themselves as they grow older, they will become older and older. In fact, with the improvement of material living standards, in the usual appropriate attention to care, it is possible to effectively prevent skin wrinkles. For the majority of men, in skin care to prevent wrinkles above, it is recommended to drink more in the diet you sleepy love, eat more soy, meat skin, salmon, yam, bird’s nest and other foods.

Can make wrinkles reduce the food

1, milk

How do men skin care? In the personal choice of drinks, you can properly drink more milk. Milk is the skin’s favorite food at night. It can improve skin cell activity, has the effect of slowing down skin aging, enhance skin tone, eliminate small wrinkles and so on.

2, Soybean

In order to avoid the increase of wrinkles, it is recommended to eat more soybeans in your diet. Because soybeans are rich in vitamin E, not only can destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, thereby inhibiting skin aging, more prevent pigmentation in the skin.

3, meat skin

Many people do not like to eat meat skin, in fact, the appropriate to eat some meat skin, can prevent wrinkles. How do men skin care? Meat skin is rich in collagen and elastin food. Collagen can make the cells become plump, thus filling the skin, reduce wrinkles; elastin can enhance skin elasticity.

4, Salmon

Men who like to eat fish, for the choice of fish, may be appropriate to eat some salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon can eliminate damage to the skin collagen and skin moisturizing factor bioactive substances, to prevent wrinkles, to avoid the skin becomes rough.

5, yam

How do men skin care? Men with skin care needs, in the usual purchase of vegetables, you can also eat a little yam. Yam has a beneficial effect on the yin, the lungs, nourish the face and anti-wrinkle, prolong the effect of the face. Yam in a variety of sugar protein mixture of mucin, can increase the lubrication of mucous membranes and skin, thus reducing wrinkles.

6, bird’s nest

It is said that women eat bird’s nest is good for the body, in fact, men eat some bird’s nest properly, it is also good for the body. Because it can promote the metabolism of fibroblasts and epidermal cells, promote the development and enhancement of elastic fibroblasts, activate the regeneration of aging cells, repair aging collagen fibers and elastic fibers; synthesize and secrete more collagen, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecules, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it even and firm, and reduce wrinkles.

Men can also prevent wrinkles properly when it comes to skin care by chewing gum. In personal diet, although the proper eating of the above-mentioned foods can achieve the role of wrinkle prevention, but also to pay proper attention to the need to pay proper attention to sun protection, but also with some skin care products to use, in order to avoid accelerated skin aging, resulting in a lot of wrinkles appear.