Men should be particularly aware of several misconceptions about cycling fitness

Cycling is also a hobby, through the road is still a lot of cyclists, especially some men are very fond of cycling. Wrong cycling posture not only affects the exercise effect, and it is easy to cause damage to the body. For example, legs outward, nod and waist are incorrect posture.

Gym bicycle fitness myths.

1. Fast cycling can make the heart rate reach more than 85% of the maximum heart rate. At this time the body mainly through glycogen anaerobic enzyme way to supply energy, can improve the whole body, especially the thigh muscles anaerobic exercise capacity, to help enhance the anaerobic threshold. In other words, the physical discomfort after strenuous exercise will be delayed, helping us to engage in higher intensity exercise, or to persist for a longer period of time during high intensity exercise. In addition, fast riding is also quite valuable for cardiorespiratory function.

2. The combination of fast and slow riding can not only take into account the aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, cardiorespiratory function, but also increase the fun of exercise. If you can get scientific guidance and use a more reasonable combination of fast and slow exercise, you will also achieve better fitness results.

3. Medium speed riding also means controlling the heart rate at 65%-85% of the maximum heart rate, which is a good way to exercise the cardiorespiratory function and aerobic capacity of the body.

4. The heart rate of long slow rides generally does not exceed 65% of the maximum heart rate. Lasting more than 20 minutes, it will “burn” more fat to supply energy, therefore, it is more suitable for obese people with the purpose of fat loss.

Out cycling fitness myths.

1. Posture

Wrong cycling posture not only affects the exercise effect, and is easy to cause damage to the body. For example, legs outward, nod and waist are incorrect posture. The correct posture is: body slightly forward, two arms straight, abdominal tightening, using abdominal breathing method, the two legs and the car beam parallel, knee, hip joints to maintain coordination, pay attention to grasp the rhythm of riding.

2. Action

People generally think that the so-called pedaling is to step down with the foot and just turn the wheel. In fact, the correct pedaling should include: stepping, pulling, lifting, pushing 4 coherent movements. The foot first steps down, then the lower leg contracts backwards and pulls back, then lifts upwards, and finally pushes forward, so as to complete a circle of pedaling. This rhythmic pedaling not only saves energy but also improves speed.

3. Speed

Many young people want to ride far and fast, for example, no long-distance riding at once 50 kilometers, and in the way to pursue only speed, power. This actually does a lot of damage to the body, and in serious cases the knees can become waterlogged. The amount, frequency and intensity of exercise are the three main principles of exercise. It is recommended that beginners find the right frequency for themselves before enhancing the amount of exercise, with the average person pedaling at about 60 to 80 times per minute. Each ride should have at least 20 minutes of high frequency and low speed (i.e., more laps and less force) to warm up and make the body slightly sweaty.