Which men are prone to the breakdown of marital relations?

Married life needs to be managed well, in life we should pay attention to this, because life is not someone else’s, of which the warm and cold are their own feelings. Marriage is like food, there will also be a shelf life, the so-called seven-year itch. After stepping into marriage, if men do not know how to manage their feelings, then love will slowly be smoothed out by the trivialities of life, and eventually disappear, which has a great impact on the marriage. So, which men are prone to cause the breakdown of marital relations? How to properly manage the marriage relationship? Here’s a look at it together.

Which men are likely to lead to the breakdown of marital relations

1, second or multiple marriages men

The knot divorce. In fact, no matter which side the responsibility lies, men should learn to be generous and accept a wide variety of women’s personalities, rather than creating a perfect box for their marriage, so that they drill into it and never get out. Women should pay attention, these men can easily divorce other women, it will be easy to divorce you. So before you get married, you must think twice about it.

2, the lack of initiative men

To be honest, this lack of opinion of the man is very annoying to women friends, no opinion of the man most people headache. In itself, many women because of the tradition they still like to have the initiative, what are their own take the doctrine of the man, but now it has to become a woman to take the doctrine, naturally women will look and avoid. If the married life, this character of the man to find a very opinionated and organized way of handling things for women as a wife, or the marriage will break up.

3, play cute naive man

But after all, men have to be realistic, to face more realistic events and so on. Therefore, men must face the reality of marriage, this reality of marriage and their ideal marriage does not have any relationship. And women are different, they tend to live in the reason and fantasy, if the marriage, two people are so then, not willing to accept the reality of the man, then in addition to the first period of romance and fantasy, the rest of the time will feel tasteless. This time the natural marriage is more fragile, so the conflict appears, the ideal and the reality of the final result of the collision of marriage is, divorce.

4, self as the heart of the man

This kind of man is too common, almost most men live in their own little world, centered on themselves, many things to their own ideas.

5, wasteful or frugal men

Men wastefulness may not be a bad thing at some point, it is not a big deal, after all, the money earned is spent. But too wasteful men must not run the family. But once you meet a cheap man, frugal man. Of course, men can be frugal, but if men ask women to be frugal together that is an instinctive harm to women. Otherwise, too extravagant or too frugal men will not be the men who are liked in the marriage.

How to properly manage the marriage relationship

1, a strong sense of responsibility

How to run a marriage? A sense of responsibility is very important, a sense of responsibility is the basis for a lasting and happy marriage. Mutual admiration of men and women once married, to each other, to society, to the children responsible, without this concept, the couple can not live together. Although they also have some small friction between them, but each other’s obligations prompted them to overcome difficulties, together.

2, Face up to reality

Couples in love, often from the mythical stories of love, the future with unrealistic hopes, thinking that once married will be everything, everywhere can get each other’s understanding and care. After marriage, if you can not face the reality, the ensuing family chores, conjugal friction, etc., will make them tired of psychology, and even bring shadows to the family.

3, mutual adaptation

Different life experiences create different personalities, mutual respect and understanding, is the premise of a harmonious relationship between husband and wife. An introverted wife living with a grumpy husband said: “I do not approve of his temper, and never to learn, but I like his openness. We can be together because he gives me spontaneity and enthusiasm.”

4, tolerance and accommodation

In front of the family trivialities, couples should avoid quarrels, as long as it is not a matter of principle, should not be calculating. The other party has shortcomings, to learn to tolerate. Excessive blame often hurt each other’s self-esteem. A husband said, “We never get angry at each other for doing something wrong, because when there is self-blame psychology, what is needed is solace.”

5, talk about love after marriage

Heavy housework and work often replace the couple’s love talk. Happy marriages have such a secret, that is, to give priority to sex life. As long as possible, they will “have to answer”, sometimes leaving the children, or couples go on vacation alone. This is good for communicating emotions, but also to meet the psychological and physical needs of sex.

These are the introduction to married life, in fact, the role of men in life is very important, and the need for wisdom to solve the problems of life, so as to improve the quality of married life. Marriage also needs to be managed with care, not just rely on one side of the payment can be. Well, today’s introduction is all this, I hope it can help you.