Why do long-distance relationships always end in breakups?

Many friends who have experienced long-distance relationships feel the pain and can’t help but lament that it’s too bitter. Why is a long distance relationship so bitter? Always end in a breakup? The main reason is that the two sides are not together, it is difficult to maintain feelings, can not always know each other’s dynamics, but also can not participate in their respective lives, so the process of interaction is easy to disagree. The following is a summary of a few ways to help maintain a long-distance relationship.

How to maintain a long distance relationship

One, trust

The reason why a lot of long-distance love finally shot apart, is because they do not trust each other enough. The majority of conflicts in long-distance relationships come from not trusting each other, because you can’t let each other under your nose, once the other party does not return the phone in time or the female voice on the other end of the phone (male voice), this end of the phone will be nonsense. This will cause invisible pressure on both sides. So trust each other and believe that he loves you, so he will not do anything wrong to you.

Second, self-control

Has been a person in a city, not enough self-discipline, then sometimes lose some self-control. Especially around there are many flowers and plants, once you can not control, it will give this love stained with indelible stains. This requires a certain amount of self-control, to accurately grasp the distance with the opposite sex, not alone with the opposite sex dating, and not frequently chat with the opposite sex, do not give them any hope for people who have unrequited thoughts.

Third, enjoy the free space

What can be used in the free space? To learn to enjoy, it is recommended to make perfect use of it, which is also a kind of promotion for yourself. Think about those who stick together every day, want to do private things are very inconvenient, in fact, you can pack up the mood, in each other’s birthday, elaborate a small gift, give him a surprise. You can also spend this time to get yourself promoted and strive for common happiness.

Fourth, the gift

Distance is far away must be a problem? It depends on how you go about your business. Further distance can not resist the thoughts of people who love each other. No matter how busy, there are always a few special days to meet each year. You can also prepare a few small gifts from time to time, to express the feelings of missing each other, so that the other party can remember you when you see, naturally can not forget you.

Five, communication

Communication is not limited to the face-to-face approach, it is advisable to communicate more. Successful long-distance relationships are partly due to the ability to emulate the patterns of normal relationships, one of which is daily communication. The advent of the Internet has been a godsend for people in long-distance relationships. Not only can you communicate for free via email and instant messenger, but you can also chat with each other.

Six, expression

It is important to express your love and let the other person receive it. Some guys are not good with words and feel that love is shown in action and should not be said bluntly. But because of the great distance, girls are unable to see your actions. At this time, through the phone, video, e-mail and other communication tools to express their inner feelings, show their attitude towards feelings, to reassure each other. When you express your feelings, the other party can experience your dedication to your feelings as well as efforts, and have a more intuitive understanding of your feelings. This is what will enhance the temperature of each other’s feelings.

How to maintain feelings in a long distance relationship? Trust is the basis, if the most basic trust can not do, both sides will certainly be suspicious of each other, which is naturally easy to conflict. In addition, a certain amount of self-control, more expression as well as frequent communication, telephone or on the network communication are necessary. Want to make their long-distance relationship directly to the hall of marriage, must seriously learn these points!