How to choose the right skin care products for men?

Daily skincare can be a daily necessity for women, in fact for some sophisticated men, a good daily skincare routine is also a priority when they come home after work. Skincare is not just for women, it is equally important for men to have a clean face and perhaps bring a different experience to themselves. So, how do you choose the right skin care products for men? How to be a sophisticated skincare male? Here’s a look at it together.

How to choose the right skin care products for men

1, the product molecules are small

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin stratum corneum, so men’s products need to be small molecules and contain ingredients that promote absorption and are easier to absorb.

2, pay attention to oil control

Men’s skin is more oily than women’s, and the PH value of men’s skin is lower than that of women. So men need products with a more refreshing texture, oil-free formula or low-oil formula.

3, pay attention to anti-aging

After the age of 35, men’s skin aging very quickly, elasticity decline. So middle-aged men should start paying attention to anti-aging.

How to be a sophisticated skin care male

1. Men’s skin care needs cleansing products

Men’s skin care mainly to oil control and moisturizing, focusing on skin health, vitality, skin care mainly to clean skin, for the face more oil, easy to sweat and acne-prone areas, men’s skin cleansing focus on effective cleaning and repair of the skin, to use high refreshing products Oh. You can use men’s special oil control face wash and other cleansing products.

2. Men’s skin care needs toner products

Toner is a step that can not be ignored after the cleansing of men, but men’s skin is recommended to use some more refreshing and oil-controlling toner is better, because the toner can not only supplement the moisture lost in the skin after cleansing, but also well regulate the pH balance in the skin, to maintain the skin environment has a great effect, so the toner is also a must-use skin care products Oh.

3. Men’s skin care needs serum products

As a most important skin care product, it is also the main skin care product in the daily skin care, with an irreplaceable role, is also the most effective skin care products, to solve the skin problems, its role is the most simple, efficient and convenient, so it is an essential skin care products on skin care.

4. men’s skin care need to exercise to detoxify the pores

In the process of exercise, the body’s blood circulation is accelerated, the skin metabolism is naturally accelerated, the body sweats a lot, some residual in the pores of the dirt and waste is also removed, the pores can breathe freely. At the same time, regular exercise can make the skin firm and elastic Oh.

5. Men’s skin care needs lotion

The most important thing to do is to use a product that is not only a burden to your skin, but also to properly adjust the state of oily skin.

6. men’s skin care need sunscreen products

For both men and women, sun protection work is the same, and will not be different because of the relationship between the sexes, so men should also use sunscreen products, especially in the hot summer, the sun is very fierce, in the outdoor work or out of doors, must remember to do a good job of sun protection, which can effectively prevent their own tanning sunburn, to prevent early aging of the skin phenomenon.

These are the introduction of male skin care, for these we should pay attention in the daily to do the right understanding, and actively do a good job of care for the daily maintenance is necessary. The actual fact is that you should pay attention to do a good job of skin care and reduce the impact and harm caused by not paying attention to skin care. Well, today’s introduction is these, hope to help you.