All-natural methods for impotence

Impotence affects male fertility

The union of sperm and egg is the basis for the birth of a new life. Patients with impotence have difficulty getting an erection and are unable to deliver sperm to the woman’s cervix, making it difficult to have the next generation. For patients with milder conditions, the common symptom is a weak erection that can barely complete sexual life. However, at this time, the patient’s physiology is in a non-healthy state and the quality of sperm is poor, making it difficult to ensure the birth of a healthy child. As you can see, impotence not only affects the fertility of the patient, but may also affect the health of the next generation.

Damage to gender relations

The appearance of impotence leads to the fact that the life of couples is not normal, which not only bothers the physical and mental health of men, but also relates to the harmony and happiness of both sexes. The normal physiological needs are not released and cathartic, the daily life may be cracked, and in serious cases, it may lead to the breakup of the marriage, numerous examples of real life have been cited.

Affects individual health

According to clinical studies, most patients with impotence also suffer from other chronic diseases. Impotence can be caused by a variety of factors. Unhealthy physiological conditions, psychological states and unscientific lifestyles can all lead to impotence to varying degrees and manifest themselves through impotence in the first place. Because of its special warning role, impotence is called the “crossroads of men’s health problems”. It is customary in male science to compare impotence to the tip of an iceberg, with more problems hidden in the deep sea that are not yet visible. If impotence is not effectively treated and relieved in a timely manner, then one day all of these long-standing problems will erupt.

Natural treatment method

Walk 3000 meters a day

Recent studies have found that walking (not running) 2 miles (about 3,000 meters) a day can significantly reduce the incidence of ED. If combined with other exercises such as swimming, obese men ED risk will be even smaller, or even reverse the current ED symptoms. It is also critical to control your waistline.

Kegel pelvic exercises

The pelvic floor muscle groups (love handles) are important for both men and women’s sexual performance. Kegel exercises for men can strengthen the pelvic floor muscle groups such as the bulbous spongiosa, which not only benefits bowel and bladder health, but also improves sexual function and reduces the risk of ED. Kegel exercises can be done whether you are resting on the couch or while driving. One study found that Kegel training twice a day for three months, combined with lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, losing weight and limiting alcohol, led to significant improvements in ED patients.

Arginine supplementation

Arginine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body and works in conjunction with nitric oxide to help with erections. Nitric oxide is responsible for relaxing blood vessels and helps maintain male erections. Recent studies have found that 31% of ED patients showed significant improvement in sexual function after 6 weeks of high-dose arginine supplementation (5 g/day). Foods containing arginine include eel, black fish, sea cucumber, hoof tendons, soy products, lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

Drink watermelon juice

After supplementing with watermelon extract citrulline, patients with mild ED showed a significant improvement in erectile function. The reason for this is that citrulline allows the body to produce a compound that helps relax blood vessels, which in turn acts like a sexual dysfunction treatment drug, improving male ED symptoms. Watermelon is known as “nature’s Viagra” and has certain aphrodisiac properties without the side effects of nausea and diarrhea caused by drugs such as Viagra.

Acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture is not only effective in treating many common ailments such as back pain and depression, but also in treating ED, and several studies have found that acupuncture relieves pain or stress by stimulating multiple points throughout the body, which in turn relieves the patient’s mood and makes him or her more relaxed, with some improvement in erection quality. Studies have found that 39% of ED patients return to normal sexual function after receiving acupuncture therapy.

Mental health of impotence

1. develop your own knowledge of sex. Many people actually do not know enough about sex, only to establish a scientific and open understanding of sex, cultivate a healthy attitude towards life, and realize that sexual impulses and sexual needs are normal physiological phenomena of adults, which are healthy and pure.

2. strengthen healthy lifestyle. Patients with impotence can adhere to some moderate amount of sports and maintain sufficient sleep to enhance their physical fitness and increase libido and erectile function. Also, it is important to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, get rid of smoking and alcohol abuse, irregular diet, etc., and keep psychologically happy.

3. build up the coordination of sexual relationship. Do not cause excessive psychological burden because of the failure of the first sexual act after the new marriage or family conflicts, etc. Couples should understand and cooperate with each other to eliminate obstacles. Patients who have sexual partners, for example, can enlist the support of their sexual partners, make strokes and massage therapy, and maintain a good sex life together.

For men with impotence, most of the cases are that they give up the hope of healing themselves. If you don’t believe yourself that you can recover, then impotence must be with you all the time, and finally, I hope you can overcome impotence.