Excessive abuse of birth control pills turns out to cause vaginal dryness in women

As we all know, when a woman is in love, her vagina will become lubricated to help her perform intercourse. But some women have dryness in their private parts, what causes this?

What is the cause of vaginal dryness?

1, it may be due to insufficient sexual stimulation

Here the “stimulation” refers to the foreplay in the process of intercourse is not enough, in the women are not ready enough, the male party for the guidance of intercourse is not ideal. This is an important cause of vaginal dryness in women. When a woman has a sexual desire, but this time the desire is not so strong. When a partner comes up and goes straight to the point, it is easy to cause a woman to recoil and she will experience vaginal dryness. Worse still, it will cause women to be sexually frigid.

2, endocrine disorders

After the age of 35, women will gradually become more gynecological problems. For example, frequent menstrual irregularities, which is likely to be caused by endocrine disorders. This indirectly leads to the reduction of secretion in the private parts, which causes vaginal dryness.

3, Lack of vitamin B2

If you have symptoms of inflammation of the corners of your mouth, dry and flaky skin, accompanied by vaginal dryness during intercourse. Most likely, this is due to the lack of vitamin B2 in your body, which will lead to dryness and congestion of the vaginal wall, in addition to the above symptoms. When these symptoms appear, remember to supplement vitamin B2 in time.

4, Birth control pills

Taking birth control pills has many side effects for the body. The side effects are different for each person’s body type. Some people will have vaginal dryness because of taking birth control pills.

5, Psychological stress

Some psychological stress in life and work can cause bad sex drive, and bad sex drive can cause vaginal dryness in women.

How to make vagina moist?

1, herbal treatment

Astragalus, angelica, wolfberry, chasteberry, he shouwu, rehmannia, etc. Chinese medicine has a therapeutic effect on clitoral dryness, and Chinese medicine will also use herbal prescriptions such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan, Si Wu Tang, Right Return Pill, Yu Qian Jin Gel Stick, etc.

2, Use of estrogen

The local indirect use of estrogen on the clitoris can treat clitoral dryness caused by endocrine disorders.

3, enhance physical fitness

Women often exercise and strengthen their physique can also improve clitoral dryness. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. For women with inflammatory conditions, the dryness will naturally improve if the clitoritis is cured.

4, try water-soluble lubricant

A survey shows that 67% of couples in the United States are using this product. It stimulates very little and allows people to relax and enjoy their sex life. If necessary, you can also use topical androgens, such as the application of testosterone ointment to help alleviate dryness problems.

5, Moisturizing the Sexual Organ

It is actually a solution to the problem of clitoral dryness by various means. For women with insufficient sexual arousal, make sure to fully communicate with your partner and ask him to make foreplay more gentle and patient, extend the time appropriately and give full caress.

6, have a sexual adventure

Women do not feel, perhaps due to the monotony of sex life is too boring. The perfect sex life needs to change the different patterns. You can try to try some untried room between the couple. Make your room more fresh, during this period both sides for each other’s trust index up!