Happy families can not do these three things or you will feel farther and farther away from happiness

When not stepping into married life, many people are full of longing for it, and when they really walk inside, some people have to hide their disappointment. Happy families need to operate, in the process of two people getting along, must pay attention to their words and actions, especially some bad words and actions. Excessive words and actions will make you farther and farther from happiness, and may face the risk of divorce.

1, reveal the shortcomings

Couples in the process of getting along, must be careful not to pick up each other’s scars, but also do not wantonly to pry into each other’s privacy. Everyone has shortcomings, have their own secrets, are not willing to others to touch their own wounds. If the other party does not respect such power, is to put the other party in a very embarrassing situation, which is the root cause of the rupture of the couple.

The act of revealing the shortcomings is a very uncultivated thing, the impact on the relationship between the couple is great. Couples should learn to respect each other’s right to privacy, a philosopher said a good revealers worth thinking about words: “look down on others is the same as looking down on themselves; hurt others, at the same time, also hurt themselves”.

2, picking and blaming

As the saying goes, “treat people with generosity and discipline”, but there is a part of life just the opposite. Picky, that is, fault-finding, looking for other people’s off, so often make each other stone well accepted, picking on each other is the main cause of discord between husband and wife. Both sides use their idealized standards require each other, picking noses and eyes, so that each other often in an awkward situation, leading to discord between husband and wife.

In the process of couples getting along, not blindly accuse each other, must take into account each other’s face. The development of the couple’s relationship, do not pick on each other harshly. Both sides should learn not to think too high hopes, so that will be disappointed, to mutual respect, to be able to ask each other with an equal mind, so that they will not be critical.

3, do not interfere with each other’s “internal affairs”

Although married, but still have the right to interact with the opposite sex, as long as the other side moderate grasp of proportion, take care not to interfere excessively. But if not handled properly, will cause the breakup of the couple’s feelings. The appropriate way to deal with: both husband and wife to each other to leave a piece of free activities of the world, a little more trust, understanding and respect, do not accuse, otherwise, counterproductive, the consequences are endless.

There are no perfect individuals in this world, and there is certainly no perfect partner, so after starting a family, you must be prepared to do so inside. Do not expect the other party to meet their expectations, a lot of things need to be achieved by themselves. In married life, avoid criticism, criticism and accusations and interference in “internal affairs”, understanding that you are both an intimate couple and independent individuals.