Five ways to stop vaginal itching during your period

Many women have encountered this situation. In normal times, there is nothing unusual about their private parts, but when it comes to their periods, they feel vaginal itching. Vaginal itching is not only uncomfortable for women, but it is also an embarrassing position for women to scratch or not to scratch. So, why do women itch when they are on their periods? How to do about vaginal itching during menstruation?

Why does the vagina itch during menstruation?

1, use the wrong sanitary napkin

In the period vulva itching, first of all, we should check whether the sanitary napkin used is suitable for you, too thick, chemical fiber material, unknown manufacturers of sanitary napkins, the use of the inner plug tampons are contaminated, or not replaced in time, etc., are likely to cause the period vulva itching.

2, poor vaginal environment

During the physiological period, the secretions in the private parts are very much, especially in the first 1-2 days of the menstrual flow, the large amount of menstrual blood, the humid environment of the private parts, coupled with the impermeable environment, the decline of immunity, very easy to breed bacteria, if, in addition to the timely replacement of sanitary napkins, aggravate the poor environment of the private parts, it will cause infection.

3, Trichomonas vaginalis infection

When women’s vaginal mucosa is less acidic, the production of lactic acid decreases, making it easy for Trichomonas vaginalis infection to occur, which is manifested as foamy leucorrhea and itching in the vulva.

4. Wrong vaginal cleaning

In fact, menstrual blood is only a mixture of blood, shed endometrium, cervical mucus and vaginal secretions, not bacteria, so there is no need for excessive cleaning and disinfection. Doing so will instead lead to dysbiosis, inflammation and trigger or aggravate itching.

5, mycotic sense

Women suffering from diabetes or long-term application of antimicrobial agents that cause dysbiosis of the normal flora, Candida albicans in the mold easy to invade the vulva and vagina, the occurrence of mycosis vulvae and vaginitis, often appear beanbag-like leucorrhea and vulvar itching.

6, parasitic infection

Pinworms mainly invade young girls, adult women can also be infected when the anus is relaxed at night, pinworms crawl out of the rectum to swim to the vulva to mate and lay eggs, and stimulate the mucous membrane of the skin of the vulva, causing local itching. When scabies infection causes scabies, the external skin lesions are the most serious, so local itching is also the most obvious. In the case of pubic lice, it is intensely itchy in the area of long pubic hair, and grayish-white nymphs or lice the size of small grains of rice can be found on the roots of the pubic hair or hair pole.

How to do itchy private parts during menstruation? 5 moves to make your private parts no longer itchy

1, the choice of lotion

You can choose to contain herbal ingredients, pH value suitable for vaginal weak acidic environment of the lotion, such as gynecological clean, in the refreshing private parts at the same time, also added a special vitamin E, can be more care for the tender skin of the private parts.

2, choice of underwear

The actual fact is that you should not wear tight-fitting underwear, chemical fiber underwear or dark-colored underwear, but buy breathable cotton underwear that fits well and is light-colored. If you find any spoils can be washed immediately, be sure to hand wash, not with other clothes to avoid secondary pollution.

3, choose the right sanitary napkin

The choice of sanitary napkins is very important, do not buy sanitary napkins containing fragrances, when buying to pay attention to whether within the shelf life, buy home do not put in the bathroom, because sanitary napkins are more humid, will breed bacteria, mildew, once the sanitary napkins in water need to be immediately thrown away, not to be used again.

4, pay attention to hygiene

Preventing itchy pubic area is certainly to start with personal hygiene. Usually in the cleaning of their own pubic should try to use weak acidic care solution, in the menstrual period came to pay attention to the hygiene of the vulva, do not say that in the menstrual period slackened.

5, diet choice

We also need to pay attention to the choice of food. First of all, you can eat more coarse grains, such as oats and other foods, these can be very good to help us supplement vitamin B, so that our skin is more solid. The second is that some nutty foods can also be appropriate to eat more, these foods can help us nourish Yin. The last thing is not to eat so much spicy food, there are some seafood or other fishy food to eat less, these foods will make their skin allergic, very easy to cause itching of the pubic area.