These 7 bad habits during women’s periods tend to damage the uterus

The period of menstruation is an extraordinary period for women, once a month, however, if you do not pay attention to the body’s care in daily life, in the period of menstruation will cause severe abdominal pain, less symptomatic women only a slight abdominal pain, if the symptoms are significant, but also easy to bring convenience to work and survival. It is necessary to reverse the bad habits in daily life to avoid menstrual pain to the female body also caused

It is necessary to reverse the bad habits in daily life to avoid menstrual pain that also has a great impact on the female body.

So what bad habits do women need to give up during their periods?

1, eat too salty

Women in the menstrual period certainly can not eat too salty food, so as to avoid the body salt and water retention, when the body salt and water retention in large quantities, in the menstrual period will present headache symptoms, so to give up the female physiological cycle disorders, it is necessary to eat more food to replenish the blood to greasy diet to avoid incurring an imbalance in the concentration of acid-base water in the internal environment, destroying the body’s circulation fragment.

2, drink strong tea

Women in the menstrual period certainly can not drink strong tea, because of the high content of caffeine in tea, will comfort the nervous system and cardiovascular fractions, resulting in slowing down the metabolism of the body, it is easy to cause women dysmenorrhea and excessive menstrual blood. In addition, the tannic acid contained in strong tea is easy to combine with the iron in the intestinal food, so that iron remittance obstruction caused by female iron deficiency anemia.

3, drink milk in moderation

Milk contains rich calcium, protein, energy, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron and zinc, etc. However, drinking milk during menstruation tends to destroy the body’s remittance of magnesium, so that nerve conduction obstruction provokes muscle expansion. Menstrual period magnesium deficiency is easy to reduce the uterine neuromuscular convulsions so that the level of dysmenorrhea increased, but also easy to raise the immunity of women.

4, do not pay attention to keep warm

The most important cause of dysmenorrhea in women is the cold, when the physiological period is cold when the uterus swells blood circulation is not smooth, it is easy to directly cause dysmenorrhea, so in the menstrual period must pay attention to the body warmth, if necessary, can apply hot water bags in the abdomen.

5, sitting still for a long time

Women sitting still for a long time is easy to incur blood stagnation, when the blood circulation becomes poor menstrual blood flow, it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, but also easy to make the abdominal lumbar muscles stiff, so when off work must be prevented from maintaining the same posture, can regularly stand up and flow tendons, so that the muscles of the waist and back grip, which helps the circulation of blood.

6, drink coffee

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

7, smoking

So for the sake of a weakened and beautiful body, you should definitely reduce the amount of smoking, and if necessary, you should quit smoking.

These bad habits in the menstrual period do easily affect the female body, it is important to develop good habits and behavior habits during the physiological period, to protect the irregular discharge of menstrual blood, both to improve the immune system of women, but also to give up the female skin in abnormal form, delaying the aging of women, in the physiological period must pay attention to the conditioning of the body.