The correct skin care steps for women

Every woman wants her skin to be young forever and tries various skin care methods to prevent skin aging. But do you feel little effect on your skin care every day? Not to pay attention to the correct skin care steps, only know casually smear is not to do real skin care, that daily skin care steps how? Here follow me to see the correct skin care step by step approach!

The correct skin care steps techniques 1, cleansing water temperature to moderate

The water temperature of the face wash is very critical, too too hot water, too cold water are on the skin, should abandon those wrong ideas! The correct way to wash your face is to use lukewarm water. This can ensure that the pores are fully open, so that the face will not lose moisture.

The correct skin care step technique 2, cleansing face to first moisten the face with warm water

The temperature of the water used to wash your face is very important. Some people want to save time, directly wash their face with cold water; some people think they are oily skin, to use very hot water to wash the face of the oil and dirt. In fact, these are wrong views, the correct way is to use warm water. This will ensure that the pores are fully opened and the natural moisturizing oils of the skin are not lost excessively.

The correct skin care step technique 3, cleansing milk to fully gas foam

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. This is because in the fall, your face sometimes tends to attract dirt and other dirty things. If the cleanser is not fully lathered, it will not achieve the cleaning effect.

The correct skin care step technique 4, gentle massage pat

When washing your face, many girls like to use vigorous, as if that will remove the dirt, but this is not right. To get rid of the dirt, you must gently clean the skin around the eyes, while other parts of the use of force can not be too large, plus the hand patting and rubbing the strength of the cleanser can not be too large, but will cause the thin epidermis will become loose, and then produce wrinkles.

The correct skin care step by step 5, after washing the face to immediately hydrate

After washing the face skin will feel obviously dry and tight, this time it is necessary to immediately give the skin moisture, using a lotion pat on the face, so that the dehydrated skin immediately get hydrated nourishment, and then use cream or facial essence, locking moisture, the correct way to wash the face to achieve the skin care effect.

Correct skin care step by step 6, to moisturize more hydration

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

The correct skin care step technique 7, spray use method is not right but will make the skin dehydrated

Although the mineral spray contains trace mineral ions, can calm sensitive skin, replenish moisture, but the spray does not contain moisturizing ingredients that can lock water, once the number of spray increases, while not rubbing lotion lock water, then the skin will fall into a vicious circle of dry and wet repeatedly, but caused by skin dehydration. The spray does not stay on the skin for more than a minute, and the excess water should be absorbed with a tissue, after which you should immediately rub on moisturizing lotion.

The correct skin care steps techniques 8, the correct use of skin care products

Which of the beauty lotion and skin softener should be used in line? Ans: It depends on what the function of the beauty lotion is. Usually the beauty lotion has the effect of conditioning the keratin and improving the absorption of the next step.