Women should be alert to the 5 kinds of abnormalities presented by the lips

The lips also convey the body’s debilitating regression, especially women, if the lips have the following conditions to clarify the debilitating onset of performance, through the lips can be judged what achievements and how to take measures.

What are the conditions of a woman’s lips to remind the body has problems?

1, lips dark red and purple

The color of the lips is white or perhaps purple clarifies that the liver fire in the body is relatively strong, especially when accompanied by bad breath, anorexia headache and other symptoms to be alert, at this time to eat more fruits and vegetables, diet to give up greasy, avoid spicy and light food to prevent, to avoid liver fire caused by symptoms more significant.

2, the lips are white without blood

The lips are white and do not show a large part is not related to the body qi and blood weakness, when the body qi and blood weakness run affected, it is easy to have nutrient surplus, easy fatigue and other achievements, especially the physiological period, women’s lips will be more bloodless. At this time, we should pay attention to the dietary rules to make up for the shortage of nutrients, and also be able to eat more food to nourish the qi and blood, such as dates, longan, cinnamon, etc.

3, black lips

The majority of people will think about the body poisoning, but in fact, the lips are black and body digestive fractions and kidney health, and some also have the phenomenon of blood stagnation. The results of digestive and kidney fragmentation will cause the body’s detoxification performance to weaken, resulting in a large number of toxins deposited in the body, there will be black lips and other phenomena, the need to strengthen the body to contribute to blood circulation and push the new.

4, lips often long ulcers

Women’s lips ulcer scene is largely due to nutrient intake is not enough, when often consume high fat high calorie and not enough fruit and vegetables caused by vitamin deficiency and ulcers, this time to give up greasy diet, and supplement shortage of vitamins to improve.

5、Lips around a long beard

The beard is an abnormal phenomenon, but for women, if the beard around the beard is relatively exuberant, reminding endocrine disorders, androgenic hormones, if also accompanied by thinning, amenorrhea and other phenomena may be the existence of polycystic ovary syndrome, the need to do timely hormone 6 examination, understanding the endocrine status and treatment.

Comfortable reminder.

The woman’s lips should be alerted to these results, and to look at their bodies and take relevant measures to regulate them, and once they are found to continue to exist, they need to seek medical attention in time to prevent the disease from being delayed and bringing more significant harm.