The difference between short-acting contraceptive pills and emergency contraceptive pills, safe and reliable is still short-acting contraceptive pills

 Before we got married, we used condoms when we made love, and at first I didn’t know much about the difference between short-acting and emergency contraceptives. But since we got married, I think we can’t get away from the topic of having children. My husband and I are both at the beginning of our careers and really don’t have the time or energy to take care of children. The good thing is that the two of us can still agree on the matter of having children, so every time we make love, we will do a good job of contraception. The first is that he wears a condom, but sometimes he feels bad will feel the ejaculation, but I think this is risky, it is better to take the initiative in their own hands, they began to take birth control pills. Many sisters may not know much about the difference between short-acting and emergency contraceptives, here I give you a science.

The difference between the short-acting pill and the emergency contraceptive pill can be seen in the time it takes and the effectiveness of contraception. Short-acting contraceptive pills, as a conventional contraceptive method, need to be taken on a cyclical basis. If it is your first time to take the Pill, you should start taking it on the first day of your menstrual cycle and take one pill a day for 21 days and then stop taking it for 7 days. The new cycle starts 8 days after the pill is stopped. If taken correctly, the pill is 99.99% effective.

Emergency contraceptive pills are used as a temporary remedy and should be taken within 72 hours of lovemaking, and the earlier they are taken, the more effective they are, with an effectiveness rate of 74% to 85%, which means there is a 15% to 26% chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, the difference between the short-acting pill and the emergency contraceptive pill is obvious in terms of effectiveness and method of administration. In contrast, the short-acting pill is more suitable for women as a regular form of contraception.

As someone who has taken the emergency contraceptive pill before, it is really not recommended. The effectiveness of contraception aside, its side effects cannot be ignored. When I first took it, my period was delayed for ten days that month and I was so scared that I thought I was pregnant. This is actually a side effect of the emergency contraceptive pill, which can cause menstrual disorders in women. Therefore, I would never have taken it if I hadn’t been taking good birth control. On the contrary, when I took the short-acting pill, I did not experience menstrual disorders and I found that my menstrual cycle was more regular since I took the pill, which shows that it has the effect of regulating my periods.

Regarding the difference between short-acting and emergency contraceptives, they differ in terms of safety. Emergency contraceptives may affect women’s fertility if used for a long time due to their high dose and slow metabolism. Short-acting contraceptives, on the other hand, are small in dose and metabolized very quickly, usually half metabolized in 1 to 2 days, and do not accumulate in the body and do not affect the preparation for pregnancy later. For example, the short-acting contraceptive pill I’m taking now, in addition to its low dose and fast metabolism, also contains a new generation of drospirenone progestogen, a new type of progestogen that is closer to the body’s natural progestogen activity and is more easily absorbed by the body, making it very safe.

In conclusion, on the question of “the difference between short-acting and emergency contraceptives”, the short-acting pill is superior in terms of contraceptive effectiveness, side effects and safety. After reading what I said about “the difference between short-acting and emergency contraceptives”, you should know how to choose these two kinds of contraceptives. In addition, I think it is more recommended to take Ursine short-acting contraceptive pill, and women should take control of their own fertility rhythm, if we do not want to have children, then a good contraceptive measures is absolutely the most important. Now you should understand the difference between short-acting and emergency contraceptive pills, want to contraception, then you can choose short-acting contraceptive pills both safe and reliable.