Women become old in four parts: yellow, dry, tired and cold! How to relieve?

In general, when a woman becomes old, there are four fingerprints that appear in succession: yellow, dry, tired and cold.

If all four have, not only represents you have stepped into aging, or the embodiment of the deficiency of both blood and qi, a person with deficiency of blood and qi, how can expect permanent youth?

Yellow: insufficient blood supply

Yellow is the skin yellowing, hair yellowing, which is already a harbinger of aging. Because the hair and skin, like the vital organs of the body, are composed of protein and also need blood supply. Once the qi and blood is weak, the body will “give up the car to protect the marshal” to get rid of the skin and hair, because they are not as important as the heart, brain and kidneys. Therefore, as long as the skin is yellow and lusterless, hair dry or even fall off, that is the body has blood deficiency.

Dryness: lack of “combined water”

Dryness includes not only dry skin and lack of elasticity, but also body twitching, short height, and even heel pain, because these are based on the same basis: the body lacks “combined water”.

The water we drink is partly held on to by proteins to ensure that the organs are plump and full, and this part of the water is “binding water”. When you are young, your skin is elastic and your body is strong, all because of the function of the “binding water”, because the skin and intervertebral discs are maintained by the “binding water” fullness and three-dimensional. As we age, the “combined water” gradually decreases, people become inelastic skin, height reduction, and even heel pain, because the protein pad under the heel, is also dependent on the “combined water” to maintain the thickness, “combined water “less, the protein pad becomes thin, when stepping on the ground will hurt.

Tired : Insufficient blood supply to the muscles

Standing or movement depends on muscle maintenance, muscle blood supply is insufficient or supply muscle blood, not carrying enough oxygen, will affect the function of the muscle, tired is therefore appear. Nowadays, although people are well nourished, few of them are really anemic, but they generally lack the ability to use blood, and the blood supplied to the body ministries is of low quality, which naturally affects the muscle function, so people will be tired, which is a deficiency of qi and blood from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Cold: lack of energy

When tiredness continues to develop, there will be coldness, from lack of function to lack of energy production. Our life is a burning candle, the fire is strong, people are not cold. The candle speaks of the yin and blood of the body, and the fire speaks of the qi and yang of the body, and the qi and yang tonics can make a person not afraid of cold. However, if you simply use qi and yang tonics to light up the fire, but do not increase the amount of candles, the person will die prematurely because the “raw materials” are depleted.

How to solve it? Sweet foods are the most nourishing to the blood

The emergency department of the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Yichun, said that according to Chinese medicine, qi and blood evolved from the grains, and food therapy is the best choice to nourish it.

Red dates Red dates are the best ingredients for women to nourish blood and qi, whether eaten raw or in soup or porridge. Starting a week before your period, eating a few red dates every day, or in a stew, can effectively help women replenish their blood.

Red beans Red beans are also very good blood ingredients, the most common practice is to cook red bean porridge, sweet taste, in line with the taste of women.

Agarwood Agarwood is one of the most blood-supplementing ingredients, and is commonly used to stew black chicken with agarwood and eat the meat in soup, or to cook congee with millet or rice.

Pig liver According to Chinese medicine, eating pig liver at different times has different effects. Women who eat pig liver before menstruation have a blood-supplementing effect; eating pig liver during menstruation can help to effectively lower the blood, so that the menstrual blood in the body is completely discharged.

Angelica Sinensis Angelica is a common Chinese herb and a very effective blood tonic. For women who are deficient in qi and blood, they can use angelica in stewed soups. Angelica and pig’s foot stew together, but also with some other herbs, such as astragalus, red dates, etc., can not only replenish blood, but also replenish the collagen needed by the body, so that the skin is more full and elastic. In addition, women with insufficient qi and blood, it is recommended to develop good habits, early to bed and early to rise, eat more red and black food, moderate exercise, in order to make the qi and blood two and healthy