To grasp the key points of disease prevention and health care for middle-aged and elderly women, we need to remember these 4 points

Today’s society is highly competitive and does not give preferential treatment to women because they are women. After entering the age of 40 is in the stage of the old and the young, facing complex interpersonal relationships, back home and care for children and the elderly, plus energy and brawn is not as good as before, often present the power to feel, this stage is the high risk of disease, we must do a good job of disease prevention and health care. Middle

The pressure of competition in today’s society is high, and will not be treated preferentially because it is a woman. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

How can middle-aged women do a good job of health care?

1. 40 years old to take good care of ovaries

Ovarian cancer usually occurs in women aged 40 to 50, which is a malignant tumor with high incidence. As the ovaries grow deep in the pelvic cavity, even if a tumor grows in the ovaries, there will be no significant symptoms, so it is often neglected by people.

2, 50 years old happy to go through menopause

The actual fact that every woman will experience menopause is a definite physiological stage, generally experienced at the age of 45 to 55. The level of estrogen in a woman’s body during menopause is very volatile, and a series of physiological and psychological repercussions will occur. When estrogen is elevated it will certainly affect the calcium remittance, thus causing bone fluff. The heart is sensitive to hormonal fluctuations and is prone to arrhythmias and palpitations and panic. As a result of various discomfort, women’s tempers become unusually hot and sleep quality decreases. So at this stage family members should give certain understanding and support, at the same time women should learn to self-regulation, rich professional survival, such as excursions, singing, dancing and painting or raising flowers and plants.

3, after 60 years old proper calcium supplementation

After women enter menopause, the hormone level in the body has changed a lot, slowing down the rate of bone loss. If you don’t have proper calcium supplementation after 60 years old, your bone density will fall and you may fracture if you don’t pay attention to the slightest. A considerable part of the women a lot of calcium, but the body is still in the form of calcium deficiency, because the small intestine remittance performance is reduced, and can not guarantee that the intake of calcium is complete by the body remittance, calcium supplementation at the same time with vitamin D, because vitamin D can contribute to the small intestine on calcium remittance, and also can maintain the eyes. The most applicable way is to sunbathe, also can eat more spinach dairy products, beans onions nori, etc., which contains rich vitamins and minerals, can contribute to calcium remittance.

4, 70 years old to avoid cognitive impairment and dementia

Women are at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease, and its incidence will increase with age. Women need to stay away from second-hand smoke, prevent alcohol, and give up excessive hammering, which can improve balance and reduce the number of falls, as well as improve the cognitive performance of the elderly and contribute to nerve regeneration. You can also meet up with friends to dance, play chess or mahjong to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The same time to ensure that there is enough sleep, to reduce stay up late. When you encounter emotional achievements, you should learn to self-regulate and remove negative emotions and negative thoughts in time.

Comfortable reminder

Middle-aged and elderly women should hammer more to strengthen their bodies, pay attention to a balanced diet, not to eat leftovers and too salty food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Before going to bed with hot water bubble feet, can avoid premature aging of the bones and joints, contribute to partial blood circulation and smooth, progress the rate of renewal. Give up the rule of rest, only a shortage of sleep to eliminate fatigue, adjust to ease the restless emotions, strengthen the immune system. Drink a glass of warm water every night after waking up on an empty stomach to concentrate the blood and help clear the stomach and intestines.