Women’s long-term constipation is easy to cause 6 kinds of damage

If you are constipated, you will make the stool stay in the intestines for a long time, which is very detrimental to the weakening of the body. If you do not defecate for more than two days, then you must pay enough attention to the existence of constipation. Especially women, more attention should be paid to the results of constipation, to give up the gastrointestinal flow, prevention of constipation is a female injustice can not ignore the results, because constipation is the cause of many diseases, female injustice should actively prevent and cure constipation.

What are the results of long-term major constipation for women?

A, may cause intestinal perforation

Constipation will constitute a stool ulcer, some of the harder fecal mass will press the intestinal cavity, will squeeze the narrow intestinal tract and pelvic surrounding structures, thus impeding the expansion of the colon, so that the rectum is squeezed to constitute a fecal ulcer and intestinal perforation.

Second, may cause cardiovascular disease

Because of constipation, making it difficult to discharge stool, then the need to make a lot of effort, and hold your breath to defecate, which may cause the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, recently because of constipation and breath holding induced angina, as well as myocardial infarction, and brain hemorrhage and sudden death of stroke and other incidence is on the rise.

Third, easy to cause urinary tract infections

If women are often constipated, may cause menstrual disorders or dysmenorrhea, but also cause vaginal cramps, as well as the symptoms of urinary retention, and the stool stays in the body for a long time, will cause urinary tract infections and other symptoms.

Fourth, reduce anal disease

Frequent difficulty in defecation can make the stool dry, which can indirectly or directly cause anorectal diseases. In addition, colon cancer may also be caused by constipation, some major constipation patients, the chances of colon cancer will be higher.

Five, can cause sexual survival hindrance

As each long effort to defecate, making the rectum in the form of fatigue, anal expansion too tight and pelvic floor spasm expansion, which makes the sexual desire to fall and unable to reach the low tide, etc..

Six, so that the brain performance damage

In constipation, toxic substances will stay in the digestive tract for a long time, which will produce a large number of harmless substances and bacteria, such as methane and phenol, and ammonia, etc., these harmless substances dispersed to the central nervous system fragment, will interfere with the performance of the brain, such as memory loss, inattention, blunted mental reactions, etc.

In short, women need to pay attention to the results of constipation, in addition to these hazards, can also affect the beauty of women. Therefore, you can eat more coarse fiber food, and supplement the shortage of water, which can contribute to intestinal motility. In addition, can also be more static to comfort intestinal peristalsis, and to develop the habit of regular bowel movements, so that the ability to effectively prevent the onset of constipation.